Forged Hard Sealing Ball Vavle
  Forged Hard Sealing Ball Vavle is suitable for high temperature, high pressure...

Valves and piping components

Venting Scrubber
   Venting washing tower (F1-1615/E1-1618), this tower built-in heat exchanger E1-1618, for cooling its emissions of steam. ...

Pressure vessels and cryogenic storage tank

M1-423 Dryer
  The M1-423 Single Machine weighs 142t and the exterior size is φ4000mm×18000mm...

Non-standard equipment

Bearing Bush
  This bearing has many advantages such as high-temperature resistance, wear resistance...

Mechanical fittings
·Our Filter Won The National Utility Model Patent [2009-11-28]
·Transformed for Liaoyang Petrochemical Fiber Compa [2009-11-28]
·Reformed Vavle for Liaoyang Petrochemical Company [2009-11-28]
·Reformed Reconstruction Dryer for Petro China [2009-11-28]
·Provided Jialong with Open Upward Discharge Valve [2009-11-28]
·Maked Revolving Joint for Bejing CVA-JAT [2009-11-24]
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